A portable SQL without the overhead and installation grief

When the HTML5 standard came out I was thrilled that it was going to support SQL in the front end. I was just as dissapointed when it really did do come to fruition. The whole idea of having SQL available in the front end really was born out of SQLite.

SQLITE is a ACID compliant embedded version of SQL. It requires zero installation. The 32 bit footprint is under 1mb and the 64 bit footprint is under 2mb. The small footprint and embedded nature allows it to be used in smartphones and other IOT (Internet of Things) applications. Getting to have SQL without requiring a server allows for some enormous possibilities in the world of application development. Frankly, this technology that has been around for a long time now allows us to transcend the boundaries of client/server and web server computing.

If you are already versed in one flavor of SQL then you can pick up and utilize SQLite immediately. There is also a zero install IDE that you can use with SQLite.

SQLite is fast and efficient and a table can store a lot of data. I have an SQLite table that has over 1.3 million rows. Running on a laptop with an appropriate index will retrieve 40,000 rows in about 3 milliseconds. Not too shabby.